Freighting guide

What are your available shipping methods?

AWJDLK provides you with a set of different solutions to ship your car from the country of origin to your destination country, however there are two methods of sea freighting:

The first method (RORO cargo ships):
RORO is an abbreviation for the phrase of "rool on-rool off" which expresses the way of freighting cars through this type of ships, where the car is loaded to the deck of the transport ship by pushing the car to the deck with other vehicles and fix it on the roof.

The second method (Container ships):
Container shipping is the storage of the vehicle inside a container made of iron and load it to the deck of the ship.

Shipping Steps:

Communicating with the shipping company in the exporting country and provide it with the vehicle data to be shipped.

Loading the car on a transport equipment (recovery vehicle) and transport it directly to the port in case the using Ro-Ro method. Or transport it to the container shipping site if the shipping method is container freighting, to be stacked, stored and fixed inside the container.

The container accommodates 5 small or 4 large vehicles.

Transporting the container to the port and load it on the ship.

Communicating with the shipping agent in the country of arrival, to provide him with the full data of the ship, shipping company, and shipment.

The ship leaves the port of shipment towards the port of destination.

Communication between the shipping agent and the shipping company to finalize procedures and extract shipping documents (bill).

Receiving the shipping documents from the agent and delivering it to the customer within two weeks maximum from the date of ship departure.

• Arrival of the shipment.

Additional Info:

We at AWJDLK always confirm that, we are not a shipping or a freighting company, but we afford full logistical support for you free of charge, by contracting with different shipping companies to ship your car from anywhere around the world and deliver it to the port where you want it to be arrived, in addition to assisting you in customs clearance works -if you need-, and many other related issues.

The customer is obligated to make sure of all terms and conditions of importing cars to his country, which may be required by the customs, security authorities and/or any other government authority might be concerned with.

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