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How can I buy a car from AWJDLK?

Our answer is "Buy with full confidence!"

Order and reservation:


“Buy with full confidence!” is a comprehensive transaction service by AWJDLK, which gives you the experience of importing vehicles easily and safely through us.

-Choose your car from our store, or contact us to specify the specifications of the car you want to import.

-Check all the specifications and price of the car you want to buy.

-Fill the available purchase form on our store and fill all the required personal data, or contact us directly through our communication channels available on the store to determine the specifications of your car.

-Once we receive your request, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your request, respond to all your inquiries, and complete the process to the fullest.

-If you wish to reserve your car, we will provide you with our bank account details, and you must go to the nearest bank branch, deposit 15% of the car’s value in the AWJDLK account, and sign a preliminary contract electronically or at one of our offices until the balance amount of the car is paid and the final contract is signed within a maximum period of five days.

The reservation amount is non-refundable. If you do not pay the remaining amount of the value of the car during the due date, your reservation will be automatically canceled. The deadline may be extended only if the customer proves that his refusal was due to force majeures beyond his control, such as late payment due to bank transfers or banking routine procedures.

– After completing the process of depositing the reservation amount into the company’s bank account, upload the transfer receipt on the website or send it to us via e-mail or to the contact numbers of the company’s employees.

-In the case of delay in transferring the amount of the car reservation, the customer must inform the company of the reasons for the delay by sending a text message or an e-mail explaining the reasons or direct contact with the company’s employees.

-If you wish to enter into a direct contract without reserving the car and paying the full value of the car, the final contract is signed directly between you and Ojdlik electronically or by signing at one of the our branches.

The safe purchase service provided by AWJDLK allows you to obtain all documents and contracts related to the purchase process, and you are entitled to a refund of all amounts paid IF the first party (AWJDLK) violates any of the contract terms and/conditions.

-The value of the car does not include shipping costs from the country of export or the costs of customs clearance and release in the country of arrival.

-We issue an approved invoice that includes  all vehicle data and the amount paid.

-If you wish to do an additional inspection of the car before booking it or before completing the contract with us, AWJDLK can do an additional inspection service with its experienced and highly qualified team at a nominal price of only $100.

-Shipping the vehicle from the country of export to the destination you specify.

-Receipt of the vehicle in the country of arrival.

Why should you import your car?

Importing your car through us offers you many benefits that cannot be easily counted. You will certainly be able to save a lot of money if you compare the price of your imported car through us with the price of the same car in the local market.

In addition, imported cars from the country of origin are characterized by the presence of characteristics and features, that are not available in the local car of the same type, as the car being sold through the local agent often do not have the same features which are available in the same imported one, in order to reduce prices.

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