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We have built this platform for you, as we realize that you need a reliable and distinguished platform which should be easy to deal with, a platform provides a service with global capabilities to achieve what you aspire to.

We know very well that you need a perfect platform provides global reach with a local touch, real customer service, full logistical support and comprehensive secure payment service.

We also understand that you need to deal with an official and licensed firm, that has the necessary professionalism and global experience to get your deal done rightly.

We also believe that our profissional experience and our adherence to all international standards that we follow, will give you peace of mind, and make us your first choice that you can rely on to complete your deal safely.

About Us.

We have been working since 2014, we import our cars from South Korea and other countries and exporting them to many countries in the Arab region.

Our office in South Korea was established in 2015 and since that date, we have exported a large number of cars to Egypt and Middle East.

As part of our constant pursuit of development and our belief in the important role that plays by digital technology in the field of commerce and trading, in 2023 we launched the new version of both the website and mobile applications.

We have launched the first and the only store in the Arab region and the Middle East, which helps you to import the car you have always dreamed of, from anywhere in the world with full safety and confidence.

Our store also allows companies and dealers in Republic of South Korea and some other countries that export cars to the Middle East, to offer their products for sale in the Arab and Middle Eastern markets.

We have also developed our branding (visual identity), subscribed at all known social media platforms, and added new services for both of users and dealers, to achieve the best possible communication between all active parts in the auto markets, as well as providing a new and unique digital experience for car owners

Our Vision:

Creating a unique and credible commercial environment, to always be the first choice for all parties involved in the automotive field.

Our Message:

Providing an unparalleled service based on trust, so that we always and forever be the ideal partner that you can rely on.

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Get Reasonable Price

We offer the best prices; get the car of your dreams at the lowest possible price from across the country of origin.

24 Hours Support

We work for you around the clock in order to rise with you and give you the best customer service capable of meeting your aspirations. We have a specialized team that responds to all inquiries and provides the necessary support.

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