Car prices outside the port in the buyer’s country

Ms. Amani Alaa – Director of Customer Service at AWJDLK- stated that the prices of cars announced on the company’s store are the prices of cars on their land in the country of origin or export. As for the prices outside the port in the buyer’s country, they are estimated prices that are difficult to determine precisely by the company. Being the total price of the car in the country of export, plus the shipping price and customs clearance costs.

She stated that sea freight rates for cars are not fixed and are often constantly changing. It is also subject to several factors, the most important of which is the method of shipping the car (Ro-Ro shipping / container shipping), and the distance traveled from the country of shipment to the country of the buyer, And the time when the shipping company is contracted.

She also clarified that the price of shipping a car from the Republic of South Korea to the Arab Republic of Egypt at the present time is 1250 dollars for shipping in the container system, $1350 for Ro-Ro shipping per car. And that this price is specifically known about 15 days before the arrival of the shipment when the invoice is issued by the shipping company.

As for the fees and costs of customs clearance in the customer’s country, Amani said that it also differs from one car to another, depending on the model and year of manufacture. Customs duties regarding cars for people with special needs in Egypt currently range between 10,000 pounds or less to 20,000 pounds or a little more, depending on the model and year of manufacture of the car.

She added that the final price of any car outside the port is also subject to the dollar exchange rate in the buyer’s country. Therefore, the price of any car outside the port in the buyer’s country is an estimated price that is not fixed and subject to increase or decrease. It is determined only on the day of contracting with OJDLC and booking or purchasing the car through the store.

She also confirmed at the end of her speech that the AWJDLK company is not a shipping company or a shipping company in any way. However, the company provides all forms of full logistical support free of charge for its customers. By contracting with different shipping companies to ship their car from anywhere in the world and deliver it to the port where they want it to reach them, In addition, the company assists its customers in customs clearance work if they wish to do so without charge. And many other related matters>

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