Selling guide

How can I sell a car on your store?

Our answer is "sell with full confidence!"

Selling Guide:

Register a seller or merchant account with us here.
-Send an email to or WhatsApp message here containing the following information and documents:

1- The username you chose for your account.
2- Your email with which you log into your account on the store.
3- Your phone number.
4- A copy of your passport or identity card.
5- A copy of the commercial registration of your company or your showroom.

Important remarks!

- Make sure that the pictures of the car are without any signs, signals or names that indicate its owner, its source or any specific companies.

-Make sure that the price of your car is stated in dollars.

-Make sure that the asking price for selling your car is fair and not exaggerated.

-Add an amount of $ 300 to your specified price as a commission for our store in exchange for the services that we provide to the buyer.

-If you do not send us an email containing the required data, your request to register with us as a merchant will not be accepted and we will not publish your posts.

-We review all publications and sales offers in the store on a daily basis, and the publication approval takes a maximum of 24 hours.

-If the offer for sale is no longer available, you must inform us by sending an email or via WhatsApp informing us that you have sold your car in another way and that the vehicle is no longer available for sale.

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